Apple may release in Russia, whips and horse harness

Apple filed to the Federal Institute of industrial property for the registration of unusual trademarks. Among the possible goods there are rather unexpected for a producer position.

Application Apple posted on the website of the Federal service for intellectual property (FIPS). The list of goods and services in the order designated travel bags and suitcases, whips, whips and even horse harness. In addition, you can find business card holders, wallets and travel bags for toiletries.

From the published document says that Apple has applied for trademark registration in Russia 16 Jun 2016. Currently, as noted by Life, is the examination of the claimed designation.

The appearance in the list of goods of the harness can be explained by the presence in the collection of “smart” watches Apple Watch, the Hermès line, which is distinguished by the original buckle. In particular, Simple Tour reminiscent of the buckle on the straps of the harness, is a tribute to the heritage brand Hermès, closely associated with horse riding. But how to explain the list of products Apple whips and whips?

Most likely, these products will never come to light, however, so the company will be able to protect themselves from other manufacturers who could produce these items under the Apple brand.

Note that in the autumn of last year, Apple filed an application in FIPS for registration of the trademark “Apple”. The company intends to secure the rights to the name “Apple” for five categories of goods and services. The label will appear on high-tech products such as computers, electronic books, MP3 players, etc. in addition, the “Apple” decorate paper, cardboard and products made of them, books about computers, business advices to consumers.

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