Apple Music continues to gain popularnosti comment

Speaking at the WSJDLive conference held on Monday in the California town of Laguna beach, Tim cook touched on the now popular theme Music Apple. Despite very mixed reviews about the service, it was stated that at present its popularity is only growing. Speaking in favor of this “height” 15 million active subscribers.

Streaming music Apple Music service was launched in late June and offered all users a free subscription for 3 months. To date, the validity test passes most of the customers already come to an end and, interestingly, many preferred to prolong it. At least this says cook.

According to him, Apple Music started even better than originally thought in the company.

“We have found that users are not only attracted huge library of tracks, but a convenient system of playlists that are curated by professionals, — said the CEO. – Currently Apple Music serves 15 million active customers. And 6.5 million have purchased a paid subscription”.

As it turned out, the remaining 8.5 million subscribers still enjoy a trial period. Theoretically, even if half of them do not want to renew the subscription, Apple will remain a very decent audience. Interestingly, already at the beginning, the service can bring to the company an additional billion dollars of revenue annually.

Apple Music has received mixed reviews from users and critics alike. But despite this, there are no preconditions for the collapse of the service no. Maybe in future iOS updates will fix flaws in previous versions. In General, customers complain about the lack of an intuitive interface and many albums of famous artists.

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