Apple Music expands the horizons

It seems that Apple has truly grandiose plans for their streaming service of music. The company goes far beyond iOS and iTunes and a rapidly increasing user mass. Today Apple Music will be available for wireless speaker company Sonos.

In the Sonos controller app will be a special menu, where the music source you can select a service from Apple. Of course, for this you need a subscription to Apple Music, or a free trial period. Users can continue to access the full functionality of the service, including the tabs “For you”, radio and playlists.

December 15, Sonos tested this system on hundreds of thousands of users of its wireless speakers, in the end, now it is available to everyone. Earlier, a similar decision was for Beats Music, but after Apple bought Beats, in Cupertino has stopped the operation of the service.

Given that Sonos remains one of the most popular manufacturers of wireless audio systems and multiroom (review like this, by the way, was on our website), the partnership will enable Apple to attract new users to Apple Music.

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