Apple Music in the radio station came with the soundtracks from “Star wars”

While a new episode of “Star wars” is already sweeping the globe, Apple has decided not to lag behind the gun turrets distributors and also please all fans of the legendary epic. Very unexpected but very pleasant surprise was the launch of a unique service name within the Apple Music, which contains a complete library of soundtracks to all parts of the Saga.

The station is available absolutely free to all active subscribers to the service in Radio. Unfortunately, the Russian-speaking users, in order to enjoy a memorable audio recordings, you will have to use search, while for customers of the Western block of tracks was made on the home. However, the content, including melodies from the movies, but also such familiar childhood sounds like the breathing of Darth Vader or the beeps of R2-D2, be sure to fill you with a sense of nostalgic joy.

In addition to owners of devices running iOS, favorite songs from movies will be able to enjoy a Mac and PC, preinstalled with the iTunes client, and also the happy owners of the Apple TV. In addition to the new station Apple also offers all those wishing to see the trailer for the new film titled “the force Awakening”.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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