Apple needs to pay more attention to Apple Music

One Reddit user wrote a post in which he told about all the functions, which is not enough for him to Apple Music. The list was impressive.

User under the name marcus_413 said, what it lacks in Apple Music. In the comments people have discussed other functions that I would like to see in a music service from Apple.

  • The play counts of the songs don’t sync properly between devices. Because of this, for example, the top 10 songs in Apple Music on different devices.
  • No syncing of playback between devices ā€” Apple Music on Mac can not continue to play the playlist with iPhone.
  • No Hi-Fi audio Apple does not allow you to pay for that music reproduced in higher quality.
  • There are no statistics in the end of the year, like Spotify. Each year Spotify users receive an annual report that they most often listened to in the last 12 months. Apple doesn’t provide similar statistics, and forced to use third-party apps.
  • Poor search results. There are times when the Apple Music shows five results when searching for one song. Apple needs to highlight the most popular result.
  • No smart playlists based on the songs that play often or at certain times of the day.
  • If the contractor loads a single Apple Music, and then deletes it and adds to the album, the service should consider all the information about the reproduction and existence of the old track into the playlist.
  • Need a more detailed description of playlists and the ability to change the descriptions of the albums.
  • If the album deleted from your library, it should not seem in the recommendations For you.

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Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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