Apple news, 177 edition: iPhone 7 Jet Black and new MacBook Pro

Presenting your attention the 177th edition news program “news Apple”, where every week we talk about the most interesting events from the world of Apple and our website. Today we will talk about the iPhone 7 in the color “black onyx”, the new MacBook Pro with graphics from NVIDIA and more!

1. Last week Apple released iOS 10.0.2. In this update the company has focused on three main bugs. First, the problem was solved, where the owners of the earphone with the Lightning connector couldn’t control playback the buttons on the headset. Second, fixed Photos app, which crashes for some users when you activate iCloud photo Library. And, thirdly, fixed a bug that prevented to use the extension for certain applications. Update since the end of last week available to all users of supported devices.

2. In addition, this week Apple released the second beta of macOS 10.12.1. In this update, the company is working on improvements to stability and performance, but without new features also came in handy. But it appeared the Portraits album in the Photo app.

3. As it became known this week, iOS 10 uses a new mechanism for password encryption iTunes backup, which is quite vulnerable and can be easily hacked. In particular the selection of password is 2500 times faster compared to iOS 9. Apple representatives announced that in the course of this situation and are already working on a solution.

4. The App store began a global purge. Application developers, whose products have not received the updates, received a warning from Apple to the urgent requirement to upgrade the app. All developers are given 30 days. During this time they have to prepare the update, send it to the moderators and to wait for. A month later Apple will remove from the store all the applications filed, if they will not receive updates.

5. The most popular color choice among buyers 7 and iPhone 7 Plus expected was “black onyx”, which is now almost never get it. But it’s not that Apple is unable to cope with the demand for the new smartphones: delayed deliveries due to unexpected difficulties in manufacturing.

The glossy finish is much more difficult to produce than matte, so 30-40% of new iPhone not tested the quality of Apple and are sent for further processing, according to analysts from KGI Securities. The applied anodizing process consists of nine stages plus polished. Manufacturers admit the many errors, so until the shelves only gets 60-70% of all produce iPhone.

With this, experts believe, is also linked to a higher demand for the iPhone 7 Plus compared to the usual “seven”: buyers want to imagine the younger version in the color “black onyx” and wait, when she will be back in stock. iPhone 7 Plus buy largely due to the new dual camera.

Therefore, there is little hope that Apple can keep up with demand for the iPhone 7 in the near future. While the company will not be able to eliminate errors in manufacturing, smartphones will have to wait for 1-2 months.

6. According to the latest rumors, this fall Apple will update its line of Mac and present a significantly improved version of the MacBook Pro. While Forbes journalists could find out what computers will be something more than a USB-C port with a slimmer profile and new color options. Apparently, preparing a real breakthrough in the performance of Apple machines, and an active role to play in this NVIDIA.

She posted on her official website several positions, which clearly hint at the potential partnership with Apple. In one ad NVIDIA invites the programmer, which will help to create new revolutionary products Apple”. If the candidate is approved, he will “work in cooperation with Apple” and write the code that will define and shape the future of graphic software Mac. Another ad for a work are invited a specialist with experience in systems based on macOS, which will focus on programming, Metal.

Although we are talking about software products, the fact of close cooperation between Apple and NVIDIA may indicate that the following Mac models can appear the graphics chip from the company in Cupertino refused a few years ago. It is likely that the graphics from NVIDIA will appear on the same MacBook Pro, announcement of which is expected in autumn. Most likely, the transition to the GPUs from this manufacturer will be held until next year.

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