Apple now tracks how often users call and write SMS

Apple analyzes user actions to protect them from hackers wanting to buy something in App Store or iTunes Store for others. To this end, the Corporation tracks how often the iPhone and iPad users use their devices.

Information about similar behavior on the part of Apple has introduced the updated privacy policy iTunes Store.

“To detect and prevent fraud, we analyze some parameters of your device. Including approximate quantity of the made telephone calls and received emails. This will help to determine the trust level of the device when you purchase items from the iTunes Store or App Store. The received data is stored in a inaccurate video and removed after a short time”, — stated in Apple documentation.

The company has not said how it made the calculations and what parameters are used in addition to calls and SMS. Probably, abrupt changes in the number of sent messages may be a reason to be suspicious and to lock out the ability to buy anything in the App Store.

In this case, Apple claims not to use obtained information for sale to third parties and advertisers.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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