Apple offered a free download image editor Procreate cost 460 rubles

The Procreate app, which became the winner of the prize Apple Design Awards, is available for free download. Apple’s stock is in furtherance of the client’s online Apple store. The cost of a powerful graphics editor for iPhone is 230 rubles for iPad – 460 rubles.

Procreate combines many advanced technologies in the field of drawing, including a large selection of graphical tools, the ability to work with layers, support videos, and a number of other tools with which to create photo-realistic art composition. The user can even draw your own unique brush with which he will be most comfortable to work with.

Procreate allows you to create drawings using a great variety of tools, including pencils and ink. The app remembers the last 250 actions in order to allow the user to undo the last action and provides up to 18 layers on one digital canvas.

In Procreate using the latest technology is the realistic process of working with brushes. Thanks to patented engine, zadejstvuja graphics card hardware acceleration iPhone, the artist can mix, spread out and blur their pictures, as did real paint on a real canvas.

In order to download Procreate free, you should download the official Apple Store app (not to be confused with the App Store). To run the client under the Russian account, but to obtain access to a free graphical app, you will need an American Apple ID. Apple hid the link in one of the sections of the store.

To download Procreate should open the Stores tab, scroll down the page to banner iPhone Upgrade Program and scroll through the banner to the right. After selecting the app, you will have to Download the link now for free.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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