Apple offers a free download image editor Brushstroke cost 380 rubles

Every month Apple chooses one useful app and makes it free. Therefore, the company promotes the official client retail Apple Store. This time a popular app Brushstroke that automatically transform your photos into masterpieces of one of the many styles of painting. Regular price program with unique features is 380 rubles.

Program from Studio Code Organa works is very simple. For starters, you need to either choose a photo from your library or capture an interesting motif on the iPhone or iPad camera, and then the magic begins. The creators Brushstroke shallows of the image processing standard effects and instead use a unique system that makes photographs into paintings in various painting styles.

Brushstroke allows you to draw a picture in the style of Baroque, abstractionism, classicism, and many others. The application has several dozen of various artistic effects to suit every taste, including simulation of different types of paint with different paint. Anyone can, with minimal effort, get excellent results, almost comparable to an artist’s brush.

The final version can be modified to your liking, and after that ā€” to put a personalized signature. Integration with CanvasPop gives you the opportunity to order created a masterpiece on the canvas.

In order to obtain Brushstroke free, you must do the following:

Step 1: Download the official Apple Store app (not to be confused with the App Store) via this link.

Step 2: Open the Apple Store app and go to the Account tab ā€“> account Settings.

Step 3: under country select United States and click the Save button.

Step 4: go to very first Discover tab and scroll down to the banner that says Exclusively for you.

Step 5: Click Download now for a free download of Brushstroke.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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