Apple offers free month of all access paid the amount of iCloud

Users have long complained that there’s free iCloud storage is only 5 GB, but Apple, it seems, makes one step in the right direction.

Apple offers free month of all access paid the amount of iCloud

When choosing a paid storage iCloud, the user has the opportunity to receive one-month free trial storage. This option appears when the owner tries to create a backup of your iOS device in iCloud, but it does not have enough space. A pop-up message prompts you to upgrade the storage to 50 GB, but free trial also applies to the 200 GB and 2 TB.

“Not enough space in iCloud to backup your iPhone. Plan 50 GB will give you more space to continue copying. The first month is free, then the price will be us $ 0.99 every month.

After one month trial version, the option will be automatically extended. Plan for 50 GB is $ 0.99 per month, while plans for the 200 GB and 2 TB are, respectively, 2.99 dollar and $ 9.99 a month.

You can’t use the free month of storage when already connected to a paid storage option in iCloud.

Many users have turned to Apple with a request to increase the amount of free iCloud storage, but instead the company focused on their pricing options. Last year she replaced your 1TB plan a new version in 2 TB, but kept the same price. Also in March, Apple increased the amount of free storage in schools up to 200 GB.

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