Apple offers free space in iCloud

But only for a month.

Apple offers free space in iCloud

Apple offers some users, the opportunity to increase the space in the cloud up to 50 GB, but only for 30 days. After that you will have to pay.

The offer of the trial period POPs up when the user runs out of space in iCloud.

“In your iCloud is not enough space to create the backup of iPhone. Subscription to an additional 50 GB will give the opportunity to continue to backup the data on your device. The first month is free, and subsequent in just 69 rubles a month.”

To use the trial period may all who use the free 5 GB. It is possible to rent not only 50 GB, but also a 200-GB or 2 TB.

A month later Apple automatically written off from the account of the user of the amount needed to pay for additional space in the cloud. So it was no surprise should set a reminder and find out how to cancel the subscription.

Last year Apple earned $ 30 billion on alone services, including additional space in iCloud. By 2021, the Corporation wants to earn on services of $ 50 billion per year.

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