Apple opened the source code of OS X El Capitan

Hot Tuesday we decided to have Apple. First on sale is a very controversial case with a built-in battery for iPhone 6s were later released new versions of all operating systems for each of the existing categories of devices, but then Apple opened the source code of OS X El Capitan. Actually it’s not as incredible as it sounds.

The last time Apple tried to show that the company has done much to benefit the public. Opened the source code of such developments, as ResearchKit and programming language Swift. Maybe that’s why all of the sudden paid attention to the news you publish open source code some of the basic components underlying OS X, known as Darwin.

Darwin is an open source UNIX-like computer operating system released by Apple in 2000. It was composed of the development of NeXTSTEP, BSD and other, and it is the basis of iOS and OS X. of Course, Apple updates the OS and shares with the development community in their efforts. This usually occurs a few weeks after the release of the operating system and does not attract so much attention.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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