Apple perfected the Smart Battery Case for iPhone 7

Autonomy may not be much, sure the vast majority of consumers of modern smartphones. Even despite the ever-increasing capacity of batteries in mobile devices the increasing processing power perfectly offsets the annual growth. It was then, and come to the rescue so hated by all powerbank and cases with built in batteries like the Smart Battery Case. By the way, about the latest.

How did you find the journalists TheWireCutter updated Smart Battery Case for iPhone 7 got 26% more capacious battery. Its volume is 2365 mAh vs mAh 1877 the version for iPhone 6/6s. The battery allows up to twice extend the time of the smartphone, providing up to 26 hours in talk mode and up to 24 hours of video playback. The external differences, the novelty in comparison with the predecessor has not undergone – has not increased nor its weight or dimensions.

Updated Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 7 is not yet available for purchase in the Russian online Apple store. Its cost remained at former level and makes 7690 rubles. In the States case, namely its black modification, is very popular. This is evidenced by the estimated time of delivery which is 2-3 weeks from time of order. Accessory in white Americans promise to deliver in 1-3 days. To us the case will not come before next week.

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