Apple plans to equip the iPhone 7 dual camera system

One of the strengths of each new model of iPhone is its camera. Every year Apple engineers pore over the creation of the most perfect PV panel, then adding another lens, then increasing the number of megapixels or right, what the hell, introducing a dual camera system. Last innovation, by the way, can become a major “innovation” of the upcoming iPhone 7.

According to descriptive documentation recently published a patent belonging to Apple, in Cupertino has never seriously engaged in the photographic capabilities of smartphones. On the idea of the inventors, one module of the two should be responsible solely for determining the focal distance, the other, in turn, focus on the immediate process of shooting. This will result in a makeshift analogue digital zoom but with no loss of image quality.

Anything remotely resembling “Apple” invention has already been implemented by the specialists of the company HTC. However, taiwanica managed to create the world’s first smartphone with 3D camera, and not siskowski popularity. In the opinion of some experts, Apple could develop their own three-dimensional PV panel to the iPhone, significantly its refining and presenting as a truly breakthrough solution. But, unfortunately, nothing like this patent does not describe, but parallel mentions shooting photo and video at different resolutions and at different speeds.

The only disadvantage of the new patent is the uncertainty of the timing of its implementation. Despite the innovative idea, it may leave ā€“ that is called ā€“ for the good times or, putting the idea on the back burner, to forget completely about her. However, gradually increasing the number of megapixels and enhancement software will not cause the true delight of consumers. Apple needs to act decisively.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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