Apple promised to solve the problem with Lightning-headphones EarPods in the nearest software update

Apple has promised to fix the crashing Lightning EarPods headphones, which are equipped with new smartphones of the company in the nearest software update. The representatives of the company said to Business Insider.

Neither the start of sales Apple is not without intense media attention, so any bug is in danger of becoming a tragedy of world proportions. One has only to recall the issue with the deterioration of communication in the iPhone 4, the peeling paint on the iPhone 5, the bendable iPhone 6 Plus. With the iPhone 7 serious defects not yet discovered, except for the mysterious sounds of the processor and issues with cellular connectivity after Aviarium. Although the last fact known to far fewer.

Software problems do not placed as much attention, but they are the place to be. So, the first buyers of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are faced with incorrect operation Lightning headphone EarPods. According to users, from time to time the remote on the Apple branded headset stops functioning and hangs like. This happens if you leave EarPods connected to the iPhone 7 a few minutes. The sound continues to work but the buttons do not work. Users can’t switch songs or adjust the volume of sound, although the microphone is working properly.

Crashing with a headset is especially unpleasant, given that in the kit with the new Apple smartphones can only find Lightning EarPods. However, in Cupertino are already aware of the problem. The company promised to correct the problem in the next software update.

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