Apple proposed to apply to “others” to restore iPhone

Apple was unable to fulfil the promise and to access data on iPhone lost at sea teen. Nevertheless, his parents are sure that if it has not turned out the engineers from Cupertino, this does not mean that the task will not be able to handle the other.

According to representatives of Apple, the Corporation has done everything possible to restore the information on iPhone 6 that was not the bottom of the boat at sea for almost nine months. The smartphone has been completely disassembled, parts are cleaned and subjected to special treatment, but the device include failed. Attempts to obtain data in other ways, too, were not crowned with success.

However, the Apple said that third-party experts (if not the?) in the field of data recovery can cope with this problem — the company even offered to transfer iPhone to one of the experts, but faced with a serious obstacle.

The fact that in July last year in the sea near Bermuda lost two 14-year-old. Parents of the first boy iPhone which was able to detect, I want to stop looking, whereas family second sure to stop in any case not worth it. Families have already started to sue each other for this reason.

If they can agree, maybe this information will still be recovered, though it is not clear how it will help in the investigation. We have to make another conclusion: if Apple does something to cope, it does not mean that the task is impossible. And companies recognize this.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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