Apple refused to use sapphire in the iPhone 7 – the Home button and the camera is protected with ordinary glass

7 September, Apple unveiled its new flagship the iPhone 7. The device boasts a waterproof body, the new 12-megapixel camera, stereo speakers, high-quality display and touch Home button. Traditionally, the Apple home button with integrated Touch ID scanner was protected by a sapphire crystal that gives it durability and reliable reading of data. In the case of the iPhone 7, the company was limited to ordinary glass.

This conclusion was made by videobloger jerryrigeverything once, decided to test the durability of the iPhone 7. During the experiment it turned out that the screen is susceptible to abrasions and scratches “on the level of other smartphones”. During a test, used a smartphone and tools, calibrated on the Mohs scale of hardness. The screen of iPhone 7 is not scratched up to level 6, which corresponds to the average in the industry, said the new.

When enthusiast repeated the experiment with the Home button, it turned out that her strength is not any higher than the display glass. Because, in fact, that’s part of the screen is slightly recessed into the case.

This discovery casts doubt on the durability of the Home button and Touch ID scanner, says it works. Over time, the key can be covered with scratches that degrade the speed of reading biometric data.

Another unpleasant discovery will be that the insert, which protects the main camera of the iPhone 7, is not sapphire, but an ordinary glass, scratch-prone. After a series of tests it remained visible marks. Apple definitely decided to save on the essential components of a smartphone this year, said the author of the experiment.

IPhone 7 test of strength, jerryrigeverything once recommended users to use a smartphone screen protectors and covers to keep the gadget in its original form.

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