Apple refuses to refund the money for the repair of the iPhone with the “error 53”

Earlier this month, Apple filed a motion in the Northern district court of California to dismiss the suit because of the “Error 53”, which turns the iPhone’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor in the “bricks”. After the release of software patches and running the repair program and replacement of devices in the Cupertino considers the claim excessive treatment.

Recall, the “error 53” became widely spoken after the release of iOS updates 9.2.1. She began to have downloaded the update iPhone owners who previously made a substitution of the broken fingerprint scanner Touch ID in the informal service center. As a result, after installation of updates users receive unusable smartphones with “error 53”, which is impossible to eliminate.

In February, Apple released a separate iOS 9.2.1 addressing the failure. This release is designed to restore disabled iPhone with error 53.

Despite the release of the plaintiffs claim that Apple did not inform users about addressing the problem properly. In addition to the “implicit” Declaration and publication of the document on the Apple support website has done virtually nothing to inform their customers, they argue. Users who believed that they have a right to a refund, the Corporation sent an e-mail, but many of the plaintiffs never received the letter. According to one of the applicants, he twice tried to contact tech support to discuss the procedure for the recovery of money, but was disconnected both times.

IPhone users who have expired warranty and who appealed to third-party service centres have wasted your money. Also, the “Error 53” led to the complete data reset, that is, iPhone owners run the risk of losing all the information that was not first copied to the cloud services.

Apple itself acknowledged the problem in less than a week before filing the claim, suggesting that in some cases the error may cause the built-in security support.

“We take very seriously the safety of our customers and “Error 53″ is the result of security checks designed to protect our customers, ” commented an Apple representative. iOS verifies that the Touch ID sensor on your iPhone or iPad correctly combined with the other components of the device. If the OS detects a mismatch, it stops working Touch ID, including for use with Apple Pay. This security measure is necessary to protect devices and prevent the use of unauthorised sensors. If the user detects an “Error 53”, we recommend to contact the technical support Apple.

And original and the amended complaints allege that “error 53” – fraud and violation of the law on consumer protection. The authors of class action believe that Apple is guilty of causing unlawful damage, because it imposes its own services, which are more expensive than in unauthorized workshops. New hearing for this lawsuit is scheduled for 16 June.

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