Apple released a major update of Apple app Store with new design and recommendations

In the App Store released an updated version of the app online Apple store. The main “trick” you by index of 4.0 is the recommendations feature, which will buy new products that are compatible with Apple devices that already have user.

The Apple Store app with the updated design provides a more individual approach, allowing to buy products and accessories. Now it will offer recommendations based on what Apple products you already purchased. The iPad app will recommend the brand covers, and keyboard, and the owners of the old iPhone – the new smartphones or e-companion in the face of Apple Watch. In the app you can also reserve seats at the seminars and other events.

Apple Store 4.0 allows you to easily manage your account Apple updated the tab “Account”. But scanning barcodes in the store that support this capability, you can obtain information about products, to check their compatibility and to place an order right from your iPhone and iPad.

Apple Store allows you to view information about new products and order them delivered to your house. If the user is in one of the retail stores of the company, the software allows you to see who’s out advisors free and willing to answer questions of the buyer. As in Russia while there is no retail store Apple Store this function in our country are not available.

Using the mobile Apple Store, you can pay for products by credit cards. For this you need to launch the app, choose the desired item, a Bank card and confirm the money transfer. Owners of iOS devices often use credit cards to buy music and applications in the online Apple store, so in most cases the account is already linked payment details.

Download Apple Store 4.0 is available for free on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch at this link.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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