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While smart watches Apple Watch marching across the planet and go on new shops, Apple continues to promote their gadget among a wider audience. Today in TV launched six new commercials, which the company simply reminds you why, in fact, this gadget to the right consumers.

In the first video shows the function of sending voice messages directly from your watch: if you don’t have the words, just sing for his beloved spouse a beautiful song and post. The second video shows how effectively you can workout if you quickly get information about your condition.

In another roller sports theme demonstrates a motion sensor, thanks to which the watch will alert the user to the goal.

Do not forget to mention to Apple about Apple Watch navigation component: referring to Siri, the rider receives information on how to get to your destination.

About Romantica also not forgotten: on a date you can fully relax, if nanny comes a message that your child is already fast asleep.

Finally, in the sixth video demonstrates how easy Apple Pay: even very little that the mother can buy her daughter ice cream second, after first safely dropped on the asphalt.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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