Apple released the app Store Connect to help developers

The next day after WWDC Apple released the app Store Connect, which is intended to replace the existing iTunes Connect. It is already available in the digital store for everyone.

App Store Connect is the analog of iTunes Connect, but with improved design and a couple new features. This service helps the developers to track their software: to observe the growing number of downloads, respond to reviews, monitor updates and more.

It is not clear whether the App Store Connect will replace iTunes Connect, because the latter is still available in the App Store. But it is very likely: Apple is simply no reason to keep two identical apps in a digital store. In the near future, the company should invite the developers to test new software.

From App Store Connect also has a web interface, which is the main focus and function. This is where you can publish new apps and updates to create a product page with screenshots and to add in-app purchases.

Also in the App Store Connect programmers can view the finished application builds using Xcode or Application Loader altool and then distribute them to testers via TestFlight. Apple has promised to add more features in the near future.

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Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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