Apple released the first update for animated stickers for iMessage in iOS 10

With iMessage, users of mobile devices are permanent and 10 in the iOS Apple has proposed new ways to share emotions with animated smileys and personalized features. Today Apple released the first update for a set of downloadable stickers that you can add in a regular messenger on iPhone and iPad.

Stickers for iMessage in iOS 10 are loaded and updated via the App Store as a normal app. After downloading content, the user can add image by clicking one button in the interface.

In Apple app store are four official set: Hands, Hearts, and Smileys and Classic Mac. Last loaded in iMessage by default and available in the store in case a user deletes it from the application.

The Apple stickers you can send to any iMessage user, but they will be visible only on devices with iOS 10. If you try to send a picture on iPhone or iPad with iOS 9, the sticker will not be displayed.

In addition to stickers iMessage in iOS 10 support animated characters, such as balloons, confetti and fireworks that can be displayed on the entire screen, invisible inks — text message the recipient will see only when you hold your finger on it — as well as handwritten notes for added personalization. Automatic prompts allow you to change the text on the symbols, emojis, Tapback — way to answer with just one touch, and support for media links gives you the ability to browse and play the content without leaving the conversation.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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