Apple releases iOS ad?

Recently it became known about closing of a promotional product from Apple called iAd. Many believe that iAd just couldn’t compete and the company failed to attract advertisers. Maybe, however, was made another assumption according to which the closing iAd is a natural progress within a large and clever company plan to release iOS from advertising.

We know that Apple does not seek to earn on advertising, on advertising makes good money, Google. For this reason, Apple does not need to monitor the users and to study their habits and interests than the company is very proud of. Google without the spying is not because advertising remains the main source of income of the company. A large part of the income of advertising, which Google shows to the owners of iOS-devices.

Colleagues from foreign AppleInsider believes that Apple has decided to strike at the revenue of Google, and for that the company needs to release their mobile platform of advertising, which is not difficult for Apple. Cupertino earn on the sale of devices, applications and other content. And if the developers selling their products for iOS, help the platform grow and evolve, Google and other companies that depend on advertising, don’t make Apple better.

It is worth noting that if Apple is indeed planning this attack, his power will be devastating. According to analysts from Goldman Sachs, iOS brings Google’s 75 percent of the revenue from mobile devices. First, if Apple will force their users to search in Spotlight, and then endeavour to release applications built-in advertising, Google will lose a lot.

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