Apple relies on the “live photo” and 3D Touch

What is the main advantage of the iPhone 6s over the past generations of the iPhone? Improved processor, 2 GB of RAM is probably first come to mind. But in the Apple think differently and focus on those features that are visible in the first place. With them are two interesting new promotional video of the company.

The first Apple video shows the features of the “living photo” — like, and work began to put, and frame interesting to make it memorable for a long time.

iPhone 6s takes pictures that come to life when you touch them. And when they do, you get more than just a picture.

The second video is built according to the same scheme, but in the center of attention here 3D Touch. Interaction with applications, preview photos to Instagram (available on iPhone) and so on.

With a 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s you can perform more actions, spending less time.

The 3D Touch really cool feature of the iPhone 6s (no wonder she will appear in a new Samsung), but you can’t do this focus on “living photo” is probably not worth it. However, Apple knows its customers and clearly understands what he is doing. So together look beautiful rollers and are waiting for the March presentation.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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