Apple revealed the secrets of portrait photography on the iPhone 7 Plus

In the short time mode portrait photography has become one of the favorite tools among mobile appreciate the photo of the iPhone 7 Plus. Due to the stunning effect of field and depth, which shows the smartphone in real-time, “portrait” is highly va lued not only among fans, but even professionals from the world of photography. Which drew the Apple with the purpose of fotolite among its customers.

According to the photographer Garcina Golatta, portrait mode shooting on the iPhone 7 Plus is a great way to emphasize unremarkable at first glance the details. It adds significance and allows spending to create incredible money, just coping what is at hand. In order to achieve the best effect of depth, Gelatt recommends to get closer to your subject to capture as much as possible inconspicuous-looking aspects.

But another expert in mobile photography by the name of Jeremy Kovart prefers to build the process of shooting different. “Minimize the background, get rid of anything that might distract from the main subject, and play with shadows. But in any case, do not place the backlight behind the object,” ā€” said Kovart. This is true only for silhouette shooting.

According to Pei Ketron, adventurer and photographer, the iPhone 7 Plus can really compete with SLR cameras only thanks to the juicy bokeh effect. “When shooting Pets give your pet some space, because the integrated lens of the smartphone ensures the best results, being at a distance of two to three meters from the object. To produce the highest quality images photographed needs to be fixed”.

Mode portrait photography in the iPhone 7 Plus, providing a wide viewing angle, can completely change your idea about mobile photography believes that a wedding photographer Ben Hays. “Thanks to him I manage to achieve professional results without the use of additional equipment. Sufficient to provide [the smartphone] soft diffused light and find a place not too distracting your attention as a portrait photographer will shoot one by one”, ā€” summed up His.

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