“Apple Rus” invites students-music lovers

From time to time on the Apple website you can see interesting job, but the demands on the employee are usually very high. Being the most valuable company in the world, Apple wants to see in his state the people who got the most prestigious education, and have extensive experience in their field, not just anywhere, but in a large Corporation. However, recently we found a vacancy in the Russian division of Apple for a substitution which may not even have higher education.

The ad appeared on the company’s website immediately after the holidays, January 11, however at the moment the position is still free. Our favorite company is looking for up to 12 months to work as interns students of Russian universities or young people, recently graduated from the University.

Responsibilities of the Intern are to assist in the work of the team Apple Music in Russia. A specific description of the workflow is not given, but it is unlikely that you will trust to take any important decisions. Most likely, the activities of the Intern will be to simply scan documents, the implementation of telephone calls and the delivery of a latte macchiato from Starbucks across the street from the office of the “Apple Rus”.

Meanwhile, will take on the job for each: for employment you must have a good command of English and awareness of the current situation on the Russian music scene. If you fit these requirements, you can follow this link to learn more about the vacancy and might send your resume.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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