Apple self-driving car spotted on the roads in Palo Alto [video]

In April, Apple received permission from the authorities of California for testing self-driving vehicles. Thus, “Apple” giant has every right to feel robomobile on-site state of the United States.

“Car of the future” Apple is already noticed on the roads of Palo Alto. The iPhone maker is technology on the same models that Waymo ā€” related Google company, part of Russian Alphabet. As you can see in the video, at the disposal of MacRumors, Lexus RZ450h hung with a variety of sensors.

In particular, the vehicle is equipped with 64-channel lidar Velodyne Lidar, which are considered the best in its category, at least two radars and a whole array of cameras.

The first fruits of the automotive project Apple may give in 2019. Inside the company it is known as Project Titan, and working on it nearly a thousand people. Last spring it became known that the company is going to entrust the production of robomobile European companies ā€” perhaps Austrian Magna, which is known as one of the largest contract manufacturers of cars and components.

Supposedly Project Titan is headed by former Vice-President, development of the Tesla Motoros Chris Porrit.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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