Apple sells the adapter for 6600 rubles. for a new MacBook Pro without cable for connecting to laptop

Apple sells power adapters USB-C with a capacity of 61 and 87 W without cable to connect to the laptop. This fact drew the attention of the browser 9to5Mac Ben Lovejoy. In addition to the power supply cost 5790 6590 rubles, and owners of Mac will have to buy another cables worth 1590 roubles.

“What you get in the box: power adapter, outlet, everything… – said Ben. – In the box, no extension cable, as the MacBook Pro (it is sold separately for $19), which is forgivable – it is needed not for everyone. But Apple has not added USB cable-C, which makes the purchase useless, unless you spend another $19. If you need and extension cable, and a USB cable-C, the total cost of the adapter for 15-inch MacBook Pro will be $125″.

According to Lovejoy, he, like many owners of MacBook, need some power supplies for laptop charging – at home, at work and in Luggage for travel. Because of the new rules Apple to the purchase price he will have to add another $250.

“Of course, you can buy the cable on Amazon. But it’s the principle of the matter. Apple sells a power adapter is not in the same way as before – what you can get out of the box and start using. In fact it is half set to charge the laptop – the second part is sold separately. For me as a company has gone too far.”

Last week, we will remind, after criticism of the new MacBook Pro with some USB-C, Apple has reduced the prices of their essential accessories with this interface. Fell the Thunderbolt adapter 3 (USB-C)/Thunderbolt (2490 RUB.), the USB-C cable/Lightning (1,590 rubles), the USB-C cable for charging (1,590 rubles), and also brand power adapters: USB-C with a capacity of 29 watts is now 4090 rubles, USB power pack-C with a capacity of 61 watt – 5790 rubles and 87-watt model is offered for 6490 rubles.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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