Apple shared number of training videos on the features of the Apple Watch

Apple has posted on the YouTube channel several new videos about the features of the Apple Watch. They will learn how to use Apple Music, Walkie-Talkie and so much more.

Each of the six videos last about 30 seconds and describes a specific feature of the Apple Watch.

The first video shows how to configure a dial and expansion of a smart watch by itself.

The next video deals with the function of “Activity”. It teaches Apple how to view ring activity, number of steps walked floors and the total distance of the walk.

Then Apple shows how to set indicators for training use the Watch app on the iPhone.

In one of the training videos demonstrates the ability to broadcast Apple Music on Apple Watch.

As you know, one of the innovations watchOS 5 function, the “Walkie talkie”. Step-by-step instructional videos demonstrates how to use the smart watch as a walkie-talkie.

Following is a video about what do the icons in the control center Apple Watch and how you can use them to find my iPhone, enable and disable airplane mode, Wi-Fi and a flashlight.

Apple have actively publishes videos on his YouTube channel. The company shares tips on using Apple Watch, iPhone step-by-step instructions, and many others.

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