Apple should steal the idea Huawei. This will improve AirPods 2 and save the reputation of the cook

Paul Gorodnitsky – the only way to save reputation and wildest to please all users AirPods.

Apple totally failed the dream of popularization of wireless charging is to observe the timeline of the fall really hurts. First, Apple tried to do the impossible – to make charging was lying somewhere on the table, and fed in parallel to all the smartphones in the room. Well, not all, but at least one. Alas, even this scenario proved to be unaffordable, despite the purchased startups and a lot of research in the field of Wireless-charging.

Then Apple believed in public places: restaurants, airports, railway stations and so on. The company thought that as soon as the iPhone with support for the Qi-standard, all will rush to buy a universal wireless charging for customers and visitors. Again by – iPhone 8 and iPhone X never initiated any restaurant owners or holders of shopping malls, or even someone else.

Okay, let’s move on. There was hope in AirPower – a stylish and rather expensive accessory, which is intended for simultaneous charging iPhone, Watch and AirPods. Unfortunately, far from iron-Tim cook is not foreseen that such a wonderful panel will overheat. In the end, the device is actually buried his last mention are the instructions from the iPhone. Apparently, in the hope that engineers will modify the unfortunate AirPower.

So the transition to wireless mode turned out extremely convincing. Hardly Apple added this option in order to profit from small shopkeepers, who sell Qi chargers on AliExpress and ask for such accessories about 10-20 dollars. However, to remove the possibility of wireless charging is now undignified – time the company believed in the function, you need to push it through.

The perfect solution threw the competition from Huawei, released its flagship Mate Mate 20 and 20 Pro. There’s wireless charging works in both directions, that is, the smartphone can not only take but also to give the energy. First and foremost, the option integrated for new headphones, which have received case support Qi. Brilliant!

Apple it’s time to throw your pride away and think about practicality. And also of their own fans. More people waited in AirPower, did not wait, and now do not understand why they need wireless charging. It’s time to explain. So in 2019 Tim cook is simply obliged to introduce an iPhone that can feed into the case from 2 AirPods.

Why this is important and cool?

First, it’s just convenient – don’t have to carry the adapter, cord or powerbank. Put the box on the phone, wait 5-10 minutes and you’re done. Secondly, the Corporation will save the reputation will be the useful application of the function, which was almost stillborn.

Thirdly, it will inevitably sales jump AirPods. Oddly enough, the world is full of people who say: I do not want to charge anything except the phone, so I go with regular wired headphones. For this audience the opportunity to share milliamperes with AirPods will be a decisive factor, and these users will finally refuse to loose the cords (and even Apple will bring decent money).

Why the chances of such an outcome is not enough?

It is clear that reliable hyperproduction on the back cover die until September 2019, but now the prospects of such a function looks very obscure. Apple does not want to directly steal something that is already successfully implemented Huawei – this time. In Cupertino not figure out how to make iPhone not warmed. Tim cook will decide that such wireless charging – hemorrhoids, which will worsen the autonomy of the iPhone and lower the rating of user satisfaction. That’s three. But personally, I think that the announcement of such chips would have ripped the applause at the presentation in the theatre of Steve jobs.

What do you think about wireless charging, AirPods? Would like to see this option in iPhone or do you still? I believe that Tim cook will take this step or you think the boss of Apple is extremely conservative? Write in the comments – this topic is really interesting.

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