Apple showed the best photos with bokeh effect taken by professional photographers on the iPhone 7 Plus

Apple has published a series of best photographs taken by professional photographers on the iPhone 7 Plus. We are talking about shots taken with a double camera in portrait mode.

The company not only demonstrated high-quality photos, but also gave some recommendations how to create high-quality images with the “bokeh” effect. Photographer Gershon Gelatt, shooting celebrities, recommended closer approach to the subject. iPhone automatically notifies you if an object is at a distance in excess of 2.4 meters.

Jeremy Kovart, specialized in fashion shootings, shared a photo of his son. “It’s just incredible the mode, I’m just crazy. The best images are obtained if you try to catch the object without the background. And if you shift the exposure a little lower, the frame is more cinematic”.

Other photographers whose works showed Apple advised to take portraits on an iPhone 7 Plus in soft light, and advised to take photos on a contrasting background that is not merged with the subject.

Archive of photos taken on the iPhone 7 Plus, in full resolution can be downloaded here (14,6 MB).

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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