Apple spoke about the development of retail stores Apple Store

After opening remarks by Tim cook at the presentation of Apple came on the scene Angela Arends is to talk about the biggest Corporation product ā€“ Apple retail stores.

Arends told about the importance of retail stores Apple Store. With her words, every year the branded retail network of the Corporation has more than 500 thousand people.

“We will continue to invest and open Apple Town Squares around the world.”

In the near future, an updated Apple Store opened in Paris, new York, Pittsburgh, Chicago and other cities.

In stores you can obtain technical advice from the Genius Bar to learn programming, participate in discussions of products or just to spend time.

Angela joined Apple from Burberry in spring 2014, joined the leadership of the “Apple” of the Corporation as the senior Vice President for network management of retail stores.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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