Apple started to reduce staff

When the rate of production has slowed and sales are deteriorating, efficient company in this situation usually is not a very popular move, namely to reduce staff. It seems that in such a situation was now our favorite company.

According to the publication VentureBeat, over the past few months, Apple got rid of 100 staff, responsible for recruitment and promotion. Out of business remained not only a freelance HR specialists and HR managers, who worked in Cupertino on a regular basis.

The explanation for this can be only one: Apple doesn’t want to hire new employees, and therefore human skills are not currently needed. According to analysts, in a recent financial report that Apple will introduce in the near future, for the first time in history will be talking about reducing the rate of iPhone sales in the previous year. The decline in sales is directly linked to the decline in production, and this inevitably entails at least the suspension of hiring new employees.

Amid layoffs of HR managers, Apple continues to hire new employees in another unit. It is, as you guessed, about a secret car project Titan, in which the company Tim cook has already managed to attract a large number of experts from companies such as Ford, Tesla, GM, MIT Motorsports, General Dynamics and Samsung.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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