“Apple Store” is no more: Apple disclaims the word “shop” in the names of its outlets

Although people still long for the habit to be called outlets, Apple “stores”, the company from Cupertino has officially refused such names. The word “Store” (shop) disappeared from all the pages of the official website of the company.

On the web page of each mono-brand salon Apple no longer mentions the word “shop”. For example, “Apple Store, The Domain” is now “Apple, The Domain”, and the flagship salon in new York city on fifth Avenue renamed “the Apple Fifth Avenue”.

The interoffice e-mail to Apple employees said that gradually gets rid of the word “Store” as online and physical points of presence. Although we are talking about the new stores, the company currently updated all of the web page of the official website.

This change is assumed to be due to the desire of Apple to position its stores not as retail space, and as a place for meetings with clients, where people can chat, listen to music, get advice and undergo training. In new outlets, particularly the Apple Union Square, have already appeared, the zones of “Grove ” Genius”, “Forum”, “Plaza” and “Negotiation” for special events.

For example, in “Negotiating” the leaders will conduct personal consultations and training for entrepreneurs, developers, and other representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. The Plaza is open 24 hours a day: here you can see the event “Today at Apple’s” outdoors and on weekends to see performances by renowned local artists.

In the area “Forum” Apple introduces people with talented artists, photographers, musicians, developers, gamers and entrepreneurs, “to inspire buyers to new achievements”.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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