Apple sued the Russian customs 147 million rubles

Litigation between Russian customs service and the Apple lasted from 2016. According to news Agency RNS, the court still sided with Apple, ordering the customs officers Sheremetyevo airport to pay American companies 147 million rubles.

The reason for the dispute was incorrect definition of the category of watches iWatch. According to Apple, the smart watch must be designated as high-tech electronics, which in Russia is not subject to additional duty. Domestic customs service examined the iWatch as an ordinary clock and hit them with a standard tax of 10 percent.

A statement to the court, Apple filed back in 2016, but it was only completed on 13 November 2018. The arbitration court of Moscow region ruled that the iWatch should be classified as a “complex of devices for receiving and transmitting data.” The plaintiff was a subsidiary of Apple company “eppl Rus”: she demanded to return the money received from taxation devices duty, and to pay interest.

The total amount that will be received by Apple from the Russian customs service is to 147.2 million rubles. The Respondent intends to appeal.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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