Apple sued toy manufacturer

Apple’s lawyers are on the alert and strive to compete with all the brands, the names of which in one way or another contain allusions to popular fruit. At this time the victim of judicial tyranny Pala company Plush Apple, which an American Corporation has banned the use of this name in Russia.

As reported by RAPSI, Rospatent according to Apple’s statement invalidated the decision about granting the right of protection to a trademark Plush Apple in relation to toys and games. The brand was registered to a company Hermon Marketing Ltd. (British virgin Islands) and apply to goods of 28 class (games, toys, equipment for sport) of the International classification of goods and services.

Apple claims that the Apple image on the logo of this company actually copies the form of its famous logo. According to the Corporation, consumers can be misled by the disputed trademark as a result of the assumptions that marked them the goods belong to the person who filed the objection, or otherwise associated with it”.

How can harm business IT company is borrowing the logo from the toy manufacturer, in the company’s statement is not explained. Let’s hope it will not come before the universal ban on the use of the word “Apple” in the Russian language.

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