“Apple tensed”: in Russia will start selling the first Armenian smartphone ArmPhone

3 December in Moscow at ENEA will be presented and the start of sales of the latest developments of the Armenian engineers — smartphone ArmPhone. The mobile device will present during the opening of the exhibition center of the Institute of high information technologies in Armenia.

“Guided by the motto “it Is time for Armenian products”, we present the first Armenian phones that not only by its design and accessibility, but also high performance to satisfy even the most demanding user,” the company said.

At the exhibition center of Institute of high information technologies of Armenia will be presented the flagship model ArmPhone equipped with a 5.2 Full HD screen, dual SIM, 2G and 4G, 32 GB memory and 3 GB of RAM and a fingerprint scanner. ArmPhone runs on Android operating system.

According to the manufacturers “Armenian iPhone”, their products are not inferior in quality to world leading brands. The smartphone sold on the domestic market of Armenia, as well as imported.

ArmPhone lineup consists of five versions — ArmPhone 0502, 0505 ArmPhone, ArmPhone 0508, 0509 0520 ArmPhone iagree. The models differ in amount of RAM, screen size, camera characteristics, as well as some other parameters.

“Moreover, consumers will be pleasantly surprised with the presence of ArmPhone musical compositions of the famous Armenian composers of modern ringtones,” added the company. The price of “Armenian iPhone” specified.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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