Apple tensed: top 5 major competitors a 12-inch MacBook

This year, several manufacturers introduced premium models of laptops on Windows. Innovations in the field of portable computers showed HP, Acer, ASUS and Dell. According to the plans of the companies, their devices should Eclipse the market of high-end laptops from Apple. MacDigger offers to compare the innovations presented with a 12-inch MacBook 2016.

HP Spectre 13

In April, HP has presented laptop Spectre 13, which she called “the thinnest in the world”. Anticipating the presentation of the product, the company promised to show the “killer” MacBook. HP Spectre 13 boasts a really thin body – only 10.4 mm. the Novelty was thinner “Apple” competitor, whose thickness is 13.1 mm. the Laptop is made of metal and claims to be a premium product.

Despite the compact size of the device with 13.3-inch screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels has got Intel Core i5 and Core i7, 8 GB RAM and flash drive capacity of 512 GB maximum configuration.

What Spectre is superior to epplovskoy device is a number of built-in ports: here as many as three USB type-C, two of which support the Thunderbolt interface.

HP Spectre 13 in the minimum configuration available for pre-order for 125 990 rubles. The model includes Intel Core i5-6200U and 256 GB SSD. The top version with a chip Core i5-6200U and 512 GB SSD will cost 145 990 rubles. For comparison, the 12-inch MacBook in a configuration with Intel Core m3 and flash storage 256 GB worth 106 990 rubles, version of the configuration with Core m5 and SSD of 512 GB is available for 129 990 rubles.

Acer Aspire S13

Externally, the Aspire S13 does not cause the same enthusiasm, like the MacBook 13 or the Spectre, but when looking at it, immediately clear that this is a fashion handset in a simple design. Top cover model is made of metal and Soft-touch plastic, which are applied on top of the pattern with the help of technology NIL. Quite an original solution, but the coating like a normal rubber.

Thickness Aspire S13 disappoint: the whole of 14.58 mm. To win over MacBook these parameters is clearly not enough, as the device from Acer was thicker almost half a mm. But big difference when using the owner is unlikely to notice, if not specifically to measure with a ruler both of the gadget. Weighs Aspire S13 already significantly more “Apple” competitor’s: 1.3 vs. 0.92 kg. This difference can be seen even in the transfer device in a backpack.

Resolution 13.3-inch screen laptop from Acer did not raise above Full HD. However, in this case the developers have added a touch screen display, supporting up to 10 simultaneous touches. On “filling” the top model S13 bypasses Aspire MacBook. The laptop is in the maximum configuration with Intel Core i7, 8 GB RAM and SSD at 512 GB.

On the sides of the laptop are two USB 3.0 ports, USB-C, a full HDMI slot and a small connector for charging. So the problems with connecting additional peripherals should arise.

In Russia Acer Aspire S13 will appear in the first half of August at a price of 89 990 rubles (64 990 rubles for the minimum configuration).

Asus ZenBook 3

In may, before the opening of the 2016 exhibition Computex Asus showed ZenBook 3 slim at 11.9 mm body made of aluminum alloy used in the aerospace industry. In terms of the thickness of the model ahead of the Apple device – whether it’s 12-inch MacBook (13.1 mm) or MacBook Air (17 mm).

Weight loss ZenBook 3 was achieved thanks to the new aluminum alloy, the company said. Weight and Asus laptops Apple – 910 d and 920, the Device features a 12.5-inch display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels at a time, like the MacBook boasts a 12-inch 2304 x 1440 pixels.

As well as MacBook, new Asus laptop equipped with only one USB port-C. in the presence of his fingerprint scanner with support for Windows Hello. The function of biometric identification implemented in the operating system Windows 10 and allows to enter OS and applications without a password.

Unlike Apple-laptop ZenBook 3 could not do without the cooling fan. But the manufacturer calls it the world’s thinnest – the thickness of the fan does not exceed 3 mm. Margin of 3 ZenBook autonomy reaches 9 hours, the MacBook works in a mode of surfing the web up to 10 hours.

Asus has offered several configurations of the device. Basic processor Intel Core i5, 4 GB RAM and SSD capacity of 256 GB will cost $999. Series with the Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM drive and 512 GB will cost $1499. The most productive version includes an Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM and SSD with a capacity of 1 TB and is priced at $1999.

Dell XPS 13

An updated model of the 13.3-inch XPS 13 boasts ultra-thin frame around the display and a retina screen with a resolution of 3200×1800 pixels. Dell only managed to surpass the MacBook.

The company said that the compact model XPS 13 at all respects is a rival 12-inch MacBook. There are differences from the solution of Apple, in which there are mobile processors “M”, namely, different variants of the XPS 13 is equipped with a full Intel Core i5 and i7. In the presence of 8 GB of RAM and SSD to 256 GB of user memory.

The developers have indicated a great time working XPS 13 battery life — as much as 15 hours offline, what is the best indicator among the other listed models.

It is also noted that touch 13-inch Dell screen has a resolution of 3200 x 1800 pixels, so it is best if you compare with the MacBook screen with a resolution of 2304 x 1440. This applies to the camera with a resolution of 720p, which used Dell laptop better than MacBook camera resolution is only 480p.

The main drawback of the XPS 13, which it is inferior to the MacBook is the machine weight, which is at the level of 1.29 kg vs 0.92 kg, solutions Apple. The thickness of the laptop is Dell also failed to decrease: it amounted to as much as 15 mm, which is greater than 12-inch MacBook is 1.9 mm.

The cost of the top version of the Dell XPS 13 was comparable to a MacBook price: $1650. This model for several months, sold on the territory of Russia for 127 000.

13-inch MacBook Pro

Biggest disappointment of the 12-inch MacBook may cause the number of connectors in the device — one USB and one 3.5 mm audio Jack. Using USB With the option to either charge the laptop, or connect peripherals. Obviously, MacBook designed exclusively for wireless operation. 13-inch MacBook Pro are more practical. In addition to the audio he has available two USB 3.0 ports, two Thunderbolt 2, SDXC card slot, HDMI and a convenient magnetic MagSafe 2 connector.

The base model MacBook 2016, 107,000 rubles. For the money the user gets a compact, portable laptop with a retina screen with the power needed for tasks on the go. However, from the point of view of performance and functionality loses MacBook 13-inch MacBook Pro, which is sold at the same price. Just will have to sacrifice portability and screen resolution.

The main advantages of 12-inch MacBook in its price category in comparison with other laptops — portability, long battery life and exclusivity, in particular the color pink. Among the disadvantages — lower performance in solving complex problems and the limitations of one USB port-C. Accordingly, followers of the Apple platform will have to decide whether it makes sense to forego the functionality and performance in favor of design and portability.

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