Apple: the action “For the good of the Land” in the App Store has raised $8 million

In April, Apple held a charity event “For the good of the Land”, in which the App Store has assembled a collection of varied applications, all monies from the sale were transferred to the WWF. According to Apple, the campaign has raised for the world wildlife Fund $8 million.

The action was attended by 27 applications from 24 developers from around the world. From 14 to 24 April, the App Store could contribute to the preservation of the environment and to access content created exclusively for this event. All the contents were related to the activity of WWF ā€” the conservation of forests, oceans, freshwater, wildlife, and combat climate change.

“Apple company “For the benefit of the Earth world wildlife Fund has raised people’s awareness of environmental problem among hundreds of millions of users and has collected more than $8 million to WWF. The Fund announced the results this week at WWDC in San Francisco. Through interactive and educational content created exclusively for the campaign “For the good of the Land”, the company has provided users with the opportunity to become active participants in the project of the world wildlife Fund”.

Apple gave the statistics of WWF, which helps to understand the relevance of environmental issues:

  • Forests on the planet disappearing at the rate of 48 football fields per minute. Efforts to reduce deforestation can preserve the natural diversity on the planet, to support climate stability and people’s quality of life.
  • 71% of the earth is covered by oceans, which affect all spheres of life: from the foods we eat, and ending with the oxygen we breathe. Protecting ocean ecosystems helps maintain biodiversity, quality of life and the level of the world economy.
  • Less than 1% of the world’s water falls on the fresh water freely available. Climate change, growth of world population and consumption habits pose a threat to this already small margin.
  • According to the report of WWF Living Planet Report 2014 over the past 40 years, the population of wild animals ā€” mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish fell by 52%.
    People cause the extinction of rare species of animals that disappear from the planet in hundreds and even thousands of times faster than the inherent nature.
  • Today over 7 billion people consume 1.5 times more resources than can be provided by our planet. By 2050 the world population will reach 9 billion and demand for food will double. The shift towards conscious consumption and reduction of industrial waste by 2050 we will be able to produce the required amount of food without a significant increase in resources and space for its production.
  • The worst effects of climate change still avoidable if we act now to change the approach to the use and consumption of energy.
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