Apple topped the ranking of the most “green” of IT-companies according to Greenpeace

Leading IT-corporations have improved their environmental performance. A new rating of “green” manufacturers published organization Greenpeace.

With a score of 83% on the index of “clean energy,” Apple has become the leader of the ranking of Greenpeace. The position of the iPhone maker due to several factors, such as the progress made on rational procedures. Among the environmental achievements of Apple – almost all energy used in businesses and buildings of the company comes from renewable sources. Apple’s retail stores on 100% renewable energy.

In order to achieve such performance and to reach the goal of 100 percent of the work on renewable energy, Apple solves a variety of problems, including acquisition of renewable energy from third-party suppliers, participation in programs of eco-friendly tariffs and cooperation with land owners to independently acquire renewable energy.

To date, all US Apple production facilities, including corporate offices, centers of data storage and processing, as well as retail stores, 100% powered from renewable sources. In other words, they get electricity from solar, wind, geothermal and hydro power plants.

Five years ago, Greenpeace has criticized Apple and the impact of its data centers on the environment. Activists reported that cupertina the Corporation lags far behind other IT companies in the field of alternative energy and energy efficiency. Apple decided not to delay the response and has demonstrated its commitment to clean technologies. During this time, the American computer electronics giant became the leader in the field of renewable energy, leading over Facebook, Google and HP.

The use of clean energy sources as alternatives to traditional fuels from natural resources equivalent to the reduction in the number of cars traveling on the roads each year, 24 000, said Greenpeace.

Companies with low scores are mainly located where the main source of energy — fossil fuels. It’s Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent. Among American companies, which still should work in this direction, Amazon index of “clean energy” 17 %, Microsoft 32%, and Oracle with 8 %.

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