Apple turned her face to gamers

Move Apple towards gamers — it is quite unusual. It is hard to believe that the company that about the games and did not want to think until, until they captured the App Store, will create their own exclusives, but the presentation of the 2017 WWDC showed that Apple is seriously thinking though about luring on your Mac multi-platform.

According to the commentators Kg-Portal, are designed to assist that few things. First, the change API Metal to Metal 2, which will allow to accelerate the transfer of commands to the graphics processor. Second, support for external graphics cards — a feature with which PC gamers will be able to indulge in their favorite hobby (pumping iron) even when switching to Mac.

Thirdly — support HTC Vive and potentially other virtual reality helmets. And change the version of OSes with Sierra on the High Sierra, in which macOS will move to new, faster and more secure file system APFS, the game will clearly benefit.

Not to mention about the iMac Pro is the new top-end computer from Apple, on Board of which was attached a 5K display, the server processor Xeon with 18 cores and a capacity of up to 22 teraflops, the new Vega graphics Radeon Pro and up to 128 GB high-speed memory. But here it is, to be Frank, is clearly not designed for gamers, and it’s not in the title, but at a price: not everyone will be willing to pay over $5000 for the right to drive any Star Wars Battlefront II on max settings.

Of course, it will take some time to innovations have borne fruit. Full release High Sierra is slated for autumn, and external video cards for Mac are not expected until spring 2018. Well, Yes, but bear with me.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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