Apple undermines the credibility of the intelligence agencies?

Employees of Federal security services USA fear for his reputation among the population, reports ABC News. Cause of the undermining of public respect for the authorities was the policy of confrontation chosen by Apple in San Bernardino. Do taxpayers still reacted?

“If Apple will continue to dominate in disputes with the government, the public will prefer to think twice before agreeing to cooperate with law enforcement authorities, said ABC sources close to the FBI. ā€“ This, in turn, invalidate the accepted legal norms. In addition, if the individual entities of the system (court ā€” approx. take the side of Apple, the public safety might be seriously endangered, and their crimes will remain unsolved […]”.

A significant role in the resonant confrontation between Apple and the FBI was a case of drug trafficking in the state of new York. His chief helper was a Feng Yun, iPhone which persistently trying to crack the security agents. Although Feng has already confessed to the crime, and the Federal court of the state rendered a decision prohibiting the decryption contained in the smartphone data of the accused, the authorities do not leave attempts to get to the bottom of this.

Position the Apple on this issue is very clear. The company remains ready to cooperate with the authorities and in no case do not claim the title of enemy of the government. However, Tim cook noted in his letter, Apple honors the postulate of privacy and to comply with the First amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Interestingly, the FBI is prepared to spend another million to find out what he knew?

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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