Apple unveiled updated notifications

Apple has finally heard the pleas of users and upgraded notifications in iOS 12 – they are now grouped! In addition, the new regime “do Not disturb” and added usage statistics iPhone.

Mode “do Not disturb”

If the user previously irritated that even when the do Not disturb screen of the smartphone is still Packed with lots of events, you can relax. Now this will not happen and, sometimes, an iPhone owner will see on the display only widget with weather.

New notifications

One of the main problems iOS has always been alert: they scored the screen, bothered to focus on them and nobody was paying attention. Now everything will change collection from every app will gather in groups and will cease to annoy users.

Usage statistics iPhone

If the owner of the iPhone to stop the tape scroll through Instagram or Facebook is a problem, Apple is ready to help. Now everyone can go to the settings of the device and appalled at how much time spent on a new game. Also, there are reminders that it is time to get out on your favorite social network, as well as the mode of surveillance of how many dig in their phones kids.

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