Apple uses special backpacks to collect map data

Desire Apple to improve the accuracy of its own map service, it turns out includes some actions using Hiking. Former Engadget journalist Dante Chaz has published pictures of the employee of division of Apple Maps carrying a backpack loaded with cameras, LiDAR sensors and other equipment.

It is unknown what was the purpose of this “walk” through the streets of San Francisco, but there are suggestions that the employee collected the data for Hiking trails.

It is worth noting that Google spent years using project participants ‘ Street View Trekkers and similar devices to collect images and data for areas where vehicles or provide incomplete information, or simply can not pass. No doubt it will improve Apple Maps, offering users more precise information on walking trails.

Apple has begun to offer enhanced card details with the release of iOS 12, but they are not always displayed correctly. Big update for Apple Maps, which will be released by the end of autumn, will include detailed information only about Northern California, and it is possible that the company will use the data obtained with equipped backpacks.

Maybe in a few years, Apple map service will be a worthy substitute for Google maps around the world.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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