Apple wanted to help with Wi-Fi, but not smogla review

IOS 9 feature “Help with Wi-Fi”, which automatically uses cellular data if a wifi connection is bad. It seems convenient, isn’t it? When low speed connection the phone switches to the cellular operator resources. But not everybody appreciated such care by Apple.

Against the company from Cupertino has been sued for five million dollars, reports 9to5Mac. The aggrieved party argues that Apple is not properly explained, how does “Help with Wi-Fi”, and accuses the Corporation in the over-consumption of cellular data for automatic activation functions.

Apple, in turn, claims that the accusations are groundless.

Usually users use their iPhone for streaming music, videos and also run different applications that use cellular data. Therefore, they should not notice much increase in bandwidth consumption.

Perhaps this is the first time Apple sued for stock options, which turned out to be really useful for many users. And you need to have very poor eyesight not to see a description of “Help with Wi-Fi” under the relevant toggle switch.

If you too want to sue the Apple, better disable “Help with Wi-Fi” in the “Cellular” settings iPhone.

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