Apple was released… shoes

Apple since its inception was known to fans in various guises. So, the younger generation imagines the Corporation from Cupertino manufacturer breaking all records iPhone. Older fans, in turn, remember, who was the founder of the popularization of the computer mouse and whose “Peru” belongs to the create the best graphical interface on the PC. However, few people know that Apple once released… sneakers.

Yes, there can be no mistake. As reported by colleagues from TechInsider relea sed in a single instance of “shoes” had become a picture for advertisement. However, due to some reasons the movie never saw the light of day, as sneakers have gone missing from a field of view of creators and fans, and advertise only in 2007 on eBay.

The owner of the lot was a man of extremely wasteful (or, perhaps, did not understand the value of exclusive subject of history) and asked for it only $ 79. Made of white leather and complemented with same color rubber soles, the sneakers left a Smoking trail, even with sharply emerging friction of linoleum or parquet. Same complements the General picture located in the “language” and sides with the rainbow Apple logo.

Where are sneakers today, it is not known, but the true connoisseurs of “the Apple” do not cease to hope that the shoes will sooner or later make themselves felt on one of the auctions at a price thousands of dollars. If you just want to touch the history of the “Apple” of the Corporation, notice hundreds of Souvenirs, selling on eBay. Pens, watches and other trinkets can be yours in just a couple of dozen American presidents.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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