Apple Watch 2 will have built-in GPS module and complete waterproof protection

Some have caused a lot of resentment, others with extraordinary admiration, “smart” Apple watch is here-here will get a sequel in the face of second generation wearable computer. At the time, how about the new iPhone 7 is known to almost all, many important settings for the Apple Watch 2 is still a secret.

Today a source close to Apple, spoke about several of the important features of the smart watch. First, it is reported that oriented, including sports, wearable on your wrist, the gadget will be completely waterproof. The Apple Watch, as we know, are water-resistant, so go for a morning jog with them quite safe even during heavy rain. But to go with the device in the shower after a heavy workout in the gym better not. Of course, if you do not plan to purchase in the near future another similar device, throwing the old model in the garbage can.

Based on the obtained information can with great certainty say that the winner of the Apple Watch will not have to remove the gadget with the wrist not only for the procedure wash hands, but when you visit the pool. Designed by the manufacturer of resistance to water in the Apple Watch 2 will be enough for safe immersion in water. For this purpose, as reported in the standard application “Training” a new section will appear “Floating”.

Another innovation is the Apple Watch the second generation for embedded sensors. The new electronic bracelet will be more powerful processor and built-in GPS module. Now to get geolocation data of the watch have to turn to iPhone.

We know that the new Apple Watch will be internal improvements, but the exterior design remains unchanged. Updated the “stuffing” needs to encourage the use of gadget more mass audience. The redesign of the Apple Watch is expected in 2017: the device will be significantly thinner.

According to Apple, during the first year of sales of Apple Watch, the company from Cupertino has managed to implement two times more devices than the first-generation iPhone in 2007.


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