Apple Watch a year later: how smart watches are changing the lifestyle of its owner

For all its faults Apple Watch remains the best gadget in its category, given the wide possibilities for monitoring health and sports activity. Many people use the device in order to know the time and read messages from your smartphone. Sports features of the Apple Watch affect not all. Although electronic bracelet Apple is perfect for people who want to lose weight, and ring activity and achievements can be a good motivator.

Apple Watch remind you to move more, to take breaks at work during the day and every day to devote to physical exercise at least half an hour. The device uses the heart rate sensor and other sensors to determine what type of sport involved the owner. When you reach goals on calories burned, filled ring activity. Desire to get results encourages people to do sports.

Find 30 minutes each day can be quite difficult, but the Apple Watch and does not require it, a week is enough 7 exercises for 15 minutes. It is here that help the circles activity. Once you build exercise into your daily life, quickly you get used to it and it ceases to be challenging. The Apple Watch will turn into a personal trainer, motivating for regular exercise.

After a week of resistance training you begin to realize that you need to eat right in order to time in training was not wasted. Apps that allow you to monitor the food very much, such as MyFitnessPal, it also has a purpose and you can pick up food without radical methods of weight loss.

Interestingly, MyFitnessPal displays all the information about products in app after simply scanning the barcode. In addition, due to synchronization with the Apple Watch it deducts the calories that you burned.

For tracking weight it is best to use scales in tandem with the Health app on the iPhone. “Smart” scales – not cheap, so you can buy regular and make your weight in the app manually. The program is able to calculate the body mass index. The Health app from Apple is not perfect, but it copes with its task and is able to communicate with third-party utilities.

The same type of exercises quickly bored. Besides, it is not always possible to find time for a 30-minute walk, as required by the Apple Watch, especially if it’s hot outside. In this case, a list of your activity you can add Cycling: intensity and effectiveness of exercise Cycling is on a par with running.

For hours there is no difference, you run or ride a bike, it is in any case counted towards the 30-minute activity. Apple Watch can act as a speedometer, then to my iPhone app calculated the average speed.

If you do everything right in the end of the month you will receive a reward “Perfect month”. Of course, it sounds silly, since the whole reward consists of a digital coin on the screen of the gadget, but for many it can become a symbol of a new healthy lifestyle. It will also be interesting to compare your achievements with other Apple Watch wearers.

Regular exercise and healthy food are guaranteed to bring results. You only start to train with the Apple Watch and then it will be difficult to do without such a caring mentor.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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