Apple Watch can be recharged from transmitter

January 6, will open the annual exhibition CES 2016, which means that next week we will meet so many new, impressive and unusual accessories for devices from Apple. Lenovo, Acer and Samsung were given to understand that in 2016 fashionable to produce accessories that support USB Type-C. they were joined By the company Griffin, showed its magnetic USB-C adapter, but it’s not the most interesting from what was presented by the company. Griffin proposed to charge your Apple Watch using a keyring.

Apple Watch today, pleasing only those of their respective owners, which are accessory to normal hours. However, it is quite difficult so to treat them, provided that they require daily charging. This can be overcome, if you spend every night at home and can put the watch on charge on the bedside Cabinet. However, for those who travel frequently and lead an active lifestyle, the Apple Watch can bring more trouble than good. For them, Griffin introduced an external battery pack Travel Power Bank.

Tavel Power Bank is a keychain with built-in battery capacity of 800 mAh. You can charge the keychain using a regular microUSB cable, the transmitter has only this connector, as it is designed exclusively to work with Apple Watch. Special magnetic connector allows you to connect to them and watch them charge up to four times. It is incredibly comfortable on the trip.

Tavel Power Bank from Griffin will go on sale in the second quarter of 2016 at a price 69,99 USD. Demand for accessory will probably be, and to offer the owners hours anything else, Griffin presented two types of straps for the Apple Watch. Silicone sports strap will be sold for 39.99 dollar, and leather — for 59,99 dollars. The straps will go on sale in the third quarter of this year.

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