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Surprised by the headline? And not worth it. When it launched the most expensive brand of modernity, takes the fashion house with almost two centuries of history, to expect a budget product. But with respect to (emphasize) budget, it appears, simply.

At the presentation of the key Apple products iPhone, iPad, and Watch TV. Many believe that the company should focus on the latter as the new representative of the model range, but the updated hours last week we have not seen. However, Cupertino threw something such, which confirms taken to conquer the fashion industry course: from the scene in San Francisco presented a designer version of watches designed in collaboration with legendary couturier Hermès. And this, oddly enough, relatively simplified Edition variant cost from 1100 to 1500 dollars.

The reason for the “democracy” of the product with such a loud name is simple: designers have contributed exceptionally to the back cover and leather watchbands. The French brand is one of the most famous manufacturers of leather products, their range includes wallets as the price about a thousand dollars, and the famous Birkin bags, estimated by the company is almost one hundred times more expensive. Given the complexity of the leather industry (as evidenced by the controversial quality of some of the branded strap to Watch), nothing surprising in the fact that Apple went to such a partner, no. The result was the first independent collection “Apple” clock, designed in collaboration with a third party. Price new, of course, is very different from a very expensive line Edition — move for Apple which we can only praise. As you know, most of the profits of the fashion house does not earn on most luxurious models, and the so-called affordable luxury. These include luxury goods, sold under well-known brand, but a different simplistic design or materials, and hence sold at a more affordable from the point of view of industry prices. Of course, the variation is quite large: the same Hermès sells many of its products — accessories, perfumes and other things — in the price range up to thousands of dollars.

However, their work the designers have done responsibly: taking the “normal” Apple Watch couturier was equipped with three types of leather straps in different colors — Single Tour, Tour and Double Cuff, and the metal elements and the back cover is engraved Hermès brand. In addition, Apple has added new dials, made in the style of the brand and decorated with an exclusive print. In General there is a desire for Apple to go beyond the smartwatch niche, and to gain a foothold in the luxury market, where tech giants succeed very rarely. Perhaps this is the distinguishing feature of the Watch, which many critics can’t see.

According to Apple, the new products will be available in some U.S. Apple Store, as well as proprietary network of Hermès stores. How to react to the market, it is difficult to say that the mods are not deprived of the attention model, no doubt. It only remains to wait for the beginning of October.

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Clifton Nichols

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